Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Good morning

This is a blog! Here is what it will do.

1. Book reviews.
2. With a special offshoot that I am calling 'Robin reads the classics so you know which ones are most excellent (hint: The Three Musketeers) and which ones you should shred with your teeth and/or use as installation art (hint: CLARISSA)'.
3. Ecstatic commentary as I bake my way through every recipe the Hummingbird Bakery has ever published.
4. More book reviews.
5. Embittered discussion of the tyranny of shoe sizing.
6. Things about dogs.

If this does not seem like very clear direction for a blog, that is because it is not. This is post-post-modern, deconstructed blogging, and you are right here in the centre of its maelstrom of creative energy.

Or maybe I just lack focus.

But the one thing I do know is that if you want a book review you might have to wait a few days because I am currently 60% of the way through the majestic bulk of Don Quixote, and it turns out that the reason why Don Quixote's bulk is quite so majestic is that the characters frequently take time out of the action to Consider the Literary Problems of the Day, of which there were MANY. So there Don Quixote is, trying to fight a lion (but the lion is too bored to fight so it all comes to nothing) and then just as you think that things are getting interesting oh no wait it's TIME FOR A PHILOSOPHICAL DISCUSSION about STANZAS.

But all that aside, I think I am mainly enjoying it. And I think that was my first blog post.

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